Unime for Ukraine

Proiezione colori Ucraina sulla facciata del dipartimento

The UniME for Ukraine Programme is a special programme to support Ukrainian students forced to interrupt their studies in Ukraine due to the war. 

UNIME is highly motivated to receive Ukrainian students and safeguard their right to study through the extraordinary economic intervention  of the UniME for Ukraine Programme. The University, therefore, will provide up to 50 scholarships for Ukrainian students who enroll for the A.Y. 2021/22 for single courses and possess the following access requirements:

  • They are Ukrainian citizen residents in Ukraine
  • They have an international protection residence permit (refugee status or subsidiary protection) for special protection reasons or able to certify other forms of temporary protection pursuant to the Italian and European regulations in force on immigration following the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine
  • They have interrupted their university studies in Ukraine and  entered Italy following the ongoing crisis that started on February 24, 2022

The list of single courses for  the undergraduate, Master's and single-cycle degree courses of the University of Messina for the academic year 2021/22 is available on line.


The  scholarship will provide € 2000 to support Ukrainian students who will enroll in the individual training activities for the A.Y. 20 21/2022.  It will be paid in the following ways:

  • 1st installment € 1200 following arrival in Messina and registration for single courses
  • 2nd installment € 800 to complete the selected individual courses whose exams are taken and recorded by the end of the 2021/2022 academic year (30 September 2022).

Students will be able to follow the lessons that are still taking place, take the exams and acquire the credits of the courses in both the first and second semester of the A.Y. 2021/22. The credits obtained may be recognized for possible future enrollment in a UniME degree course. Candidates who finalize enrollment in individual courses will be exempt from paying the registration fees regardless of the number of courses and credits selected. Candidates will be only asked to pay € 16,00 marca da bollo for the registration to single course unit.

Please watch the online videotutorial on how to apply
How to apply

Students who intend to compete for the scholarships must register for the "UniMe for Ukraine" programme by 15 June 2022 on the ESSE3 platform available on-line. The following documents must be attached:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the residence permit for international protection (refugee status or subsidiary protection) for reasons of special protection; or a certification of  other forms of temporary protection pursuant to the Italian and European regulations in force on immigration following the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine (as defined by EC Decision 2022/382); or the request for the issuance of a residence permit for temporary protection presented at one of the Immigration Offices of the Police Headquarters
  • tax code issued by the Italian Revenue Agency
  • document certifying, or from which it can be inferred, the previous enrollment in a Ukrainian university in the academic year  2021/2022.

After all documents have been verified, an e-mail  will be sent explaining the registration to the chosen to single course units as well as payment of the € 16,00 marca da bollo for the registration.

Selection criteria

The scholarship is granted to candidates who meet the abovementioned requirements starting from the date of publication of this call and until all available funds are used up. Candidate will be selected on a first come first served basis following confirmation of the registration to one or more single-course unit. The results of the assignment will be communicated on an ongoing basis based at the time of the enrolment confirmation in individual courses. The amount will be transferred to the current account (using IBAN number) as indicated in the application form.

The deadline for application is June 15th

Further information or clarification can be requested at this email address: unimeforukraine@unime.it

Avviso per ospitare Visiting Professor e Visiting Researcher provenienti da istituzioni ucraine nell'a.a. 2022/2023 - notice for Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers from Ukraine a.y. 2022-2023

L'Università di Messina offre borse di studio per sostenere la mobilità incoming di Visiting Scholars provenienti dall'Ucraina per svolgere attività di insegnamento e/o ricerca nell'ambito dei programmi accademici offerti da UniME.
Le candidature dovranno pervenire all'Unità di Cooperazione Internazionale entro le ore 23:59 del 30 novembre 2022, secondo le modalità previste dal Bando, e saranno valutate secondo l'ordine cronologico di arrivo delle domande, salvo esaurimento fondi disponibili prima della data di scadenza prevista.

The University of Messina offers grants to support incoming mobility of Visiting Scholars from Ukraine to carry out teaching and/or research activities within the framework of the UniME academic programs offered.
Candidacies must be sent to the International Cooperation Unit by November 30, 2022 at 23:59, according to the procedures set out in the Call, and will be considered according to chronological order of arrival of applications, subject to exhaustion of available funds before the expected expiration date.