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Giuseppina D’Aguì is researcher of Mathematical Analysis at the University of Messina. She graduated in 2004 in Mathematics  “cum laude”. Then she started as a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Science of  Mathematics and Physics of University of Messina. In 2009, she discussed her Ph.D. thesis on  ‘Neumann Problem: existence and Multiplicity of Solutions through Variational Methods under , the supervision of Prof. G.Bonanno. In 2012, she received a Research Prize for Recent developments in the Mathematical Sciences" from Accademia Gioenia in Catania.
She devised and managed several research projects:  GNAMPA 2016, Project title: Critical point Theory and applications; GNAMPA 2015, Project title: Nonlinear differential equations and applications; GNAMPA 2014, Project title: Nonlinear differential problems with non-standard growth; GNAMPA 2013;  Advisor of a project concerning the collaboration with Prof. Ireneo Peral of University of Madrid visiting professor at  University of Messina for 2 weeks.
She spent some period of study , research and teaching abroad: at  the Department of Mathematics University of Malta part of the "mobility  Erasmus STA", (September 2014); Department of Mathematics of the National Technical University of Athens, scientific collaboration with Prof. N. Papageorgiou, (February 2014); Instutute  of Mathematics Simion Stoilow of the Romanian Academy (Bucarest - Romania),  (July 2007).
She held her academic teaching activity since 2010 and she was Co-supervisor of the following PhD theses: Variational methods and nonlinear differential problems ( PhD in Mathematics, Univ. Messina); Theory and applications of critical points (PhD in Mathematics, Univ. Messina). In 2014 she held  a course for students of the first year of the degree in Mathematics at the University of Malta, Period under the Project Lifelong Learning Erasmus Staff Teaching Assignments 2013/14. Giuseppina D’Aguì held  talks, between conferences and communications. In particular, he was invited abroad, in several countries such as the United States, Greece, Germany, Malta.  She organized several congresses and workshops (for instance in Messina and Reggio Calabria) or special sessions in international congresses.
Her research concerns setvalued analysis,  calculus of variations, fixed point theory, ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations. In particular, various types of boundary problems for ordinary differential equations and partial differential, with the aim of determining the existence and, more generally, the multiplicity of solutions have been studied.
Precisely, they were considered the Dirichlet,  mixed, Neumann and Sturm-Liouville problem for elliptic differential equations, for Hamiltonian systems, as well as the discrete ordinary differential problems. Furthermore, additional results have been obtained for variational-hemivariational inequalities and equations in the presence of nonlinear operators with variable exponent.
The research activity  was carried out in collaboration with professors from  Italian and foreign University including: University of Messina, Reggio Calabria, Catania; School of applied mathematical and physical sciences National technical University of Athens; National University of Ireland Galway; Razi University, Kermanshah Iran; Technische Universitat Berlin;Univerisity of Ruse.
She has written more  than forty scientific papers published in international journals widely circulated as Nonlinear Analysis, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Advances in Nonlinear Studies, Nonlinear Differential Equations and Applications, etc.... He has collaborated with 15 co-authors including 5 foreign researchers.

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