Further information on how to carry out teaching activities in the presence and exemption of fragile and / or foreign students
Flow for lessons:
Access to the University Centers only with the Green Pass.
The lessons will be exclusively in presence and the student to access the lesson must make a reservation from the link https://unime.sbk.cineca.it/;
Before making the first access to the SBK platform (to reserve a seat for a lesson), students must necessarily enter their ESSE3 Reserved Area, confirm their enrollment in the A.Y. 2021/22 and subsequently fill in the Study Plan relating to your year of enrollment.
Please note that the payment of enrollment fees must be made in compliance with the deadlines set by the University.
The blended lesson (Teams classroom list available at https://fad.unime.it/) will be usable only and exclusively for students who will be overbooked and are on the SBK application on the waiting list, or for students who show frailty certified by the competent doctor or other categories (see the appropriate section below "Indications for exemption from attendance of teaching activities in presence").
The guide on using student booking is available at the following address https://sway.office.com/8KWl955yjJHU3Mcd?ref=Link
Attendance Detection:
Attendance / attendance will be tracked by the specific app called the Frequency Detection APP - UNIME
Go to the relevant store:
For IOS systems (Iphone) search for Unime and download the Frequency Detection - UNIME app
For ANDROID systems look for frequency detection (all united)
Before the start of the lesson, the teacher will communicate the code that the student must enter to carry out the marking certifying attendance in the classroom (only for students who have successfully booked with SBK).
The attendance of students authorized to follow through Teams (students with frailty and overbooked students) will be considered valid only through the "Participant List" file automatically generated by Microsoft Teams (at the end of the meeting), any users who do not have the right to follow the lessons through Teams may be inhibited from participating in the meeting and in any case attendance will not be valid.Any abuses and repetitions will be reported for disciplinary proceedings.
The guide on the use of APP frequencies can be consulted at the following address https://www.unime.it/sites/default/files/APP_Rilevazione_Frequenze.pdf

Indications for exemption from attendance of teaching activities in presence
(Teams classroom list available at https://fad.unime.it/)

The condition must be ascertained by the competent doctors of the University. To this end, the requests of fragile students for carrying out teaching activities remotely must be forwarded to the Coordinators of the Degree Programs.
Quarantine or isolation
The quarantine and isolation notifications must be sent by the students to the Degree Course Coordinators who will activate the mode remotely until the provision is terminated.
Foreign students who cannot temporarily participate in the scheduled teaching activity for contingent reasons connected to the current state of emergency from Covid 19 will have to submit an application to the D.A. Servizi Didattici, which will evaluate with the Coordinators of the Degree courses concerned the most appropriate ways to allow the carrying out of the didactic activities

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