October 12th-23rd 2020: Additional Learning Requirements 

Students with deficiencies in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, evaluated with a score of less than 25% of the maximum score for each discipline highlighted during the national test (IMAT), or students that have not reached the minimum threshold, must attend specific courses of Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Medical Physics, between October 12th and 23rd, 2020. 

Courses will start as follows: 

- Medical Physics (prof. Ernesto Amato ernesto.amato@unime.it): Wednesday 14th of October 11:00-13:00;  

- Chemistry (prof. Angela Dascola angela.dascola@unime.it): Thursday 15th of October 16:00-18:00; 

- Molecular and Cellular Biology (prof. Antonella Sidoti antonella.sidoti@unime.it): Thursday 15th of October 14:00-16:00. 

Lessons will be held in "De Leo" Room, 1st floor of the Biologic Tower, University Hospital "G. Martino"

Lessons will also be available using the Microsoft Teams platform.

For any problem or information, please write to master.medicinesurgery@unime.it 


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