MATLAB for Medicine: A very powerful and a crucial technological support for medical career

Matlab with the Campus-wide Licence is nowadays a crucial technological support for thousands of well-renowned universities around the world.
To use the University of Messina Campus Licence just log-in Unime website and click on the  icon Matlab. 
You will be directly connected to the Mathworks website where logging in using the Unime e-mail credentials to access all the resources.
Download the software and as many toolboxes are needed, or use Matlab online without downloading and work on shared folders with colleagues; follow self-paced introductory as well as advanced courses on many different applications.
Matlab can be used in teaching, for instance using the Live Editor to produce interactive lectures with theory and coding or Matlab Grader to give automated feedback on exercises to students (this feature has been integrated into Unime e-learning).
Matlab (and Simulink which is also integrated in the licence) can support both basic statistics and math courses as well as advanced courses.
Students can use Matlab in the process of learning by accessing to numerous tutorials and resources of the community of Matlab Exchange.
Matlab is a crucial tool in research. For some hints on specific applications and use in Medicine see the scheme below.

MATLAB for Medicine


Toolbox Info Applications Useful Links
Image Acquisition Toolbox
Image Processing Toolbox
Instrument Control Toolbox
Explore problems related to CT, MRI images and fluorescein angiographies.
Analysis of microscopic images to quantify parasitic infections.
Computer Vision Toolbox
Analysis, automation and images classification.
Solving problems of
biological imaging analysis. Medical diagnoses and segmentation of medical images. 66448-medical-image-segmentation-using-segnet 29344-read-medical-data-3d?s_tid=srchtitle

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
Used to support medical devices
(Pacemaker, Infusion Pump, Scanner)
Arrhythmia detection from ECG data, Data exploration, Data transformation, etc) /53745-medical-image-reader-and-viewer?s_tid=srchtitle 51174-dicom-medical-image-to-nrrd-medical-image?s_tid=srchtitle
Bioinformatics Toolbox™ Algorithms for NGS, microarray analysis, mass spectrometry.
And gene ontology.
Analysis and visualization of genomic and proteomic from standard data files
Simscape (Simulink)
For physical modelling.
Medical ventilators with lung model example/medical-ventilator-with-lung-model.html
Modelling, simulatind and analysing dynamical biological systems.
Pharmaco-kinetic applications /pharmaco-dynamics (PK/PD) and applications in system biology.

 For further information, please contact prof. Marina Dolfin, UniME reference professor for the Software 


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