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Public Competition for admission to Research Doctorate Courses 34° Cycle

Published in register at no. 84 of 25.06.2018 the Public Call for titles and Exams, for the admission to thirteen PhD courses in the University of Messina - XXXIV cycle: Biologia applicata e medicina sperimentale; Biotecnologie mediche e chirurgiche; Cyber Physical Systems; Economics, Management and Statistics, Fisica;Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale e della Sicurezza; Ingegneria e chimica dei materiali e delle costruzioni; Scienze biomediche cliniche e sperimentali; Scienze chimiche; Scienze cognitive; Scienze Giuridiche; Scienze storiche, archeologiche e filologiche; Scienze veterinarie.

The procedure for submitting the application for participation in the selection is available at the link

Scholarships may be increased as a result of the University participation in the procedures provided for by the Decree of MIUR n. 1090/2018 May 04, 2018 aimed to finance additional scholarships for doctoral degrees using European funds coming from PON RI (ESF).

Data Pubblicazione: 
Lunedì, Giugno 25, 2018
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Mercoledì, Luglio 25, 2018 (Tutto il giorno)

Public Competition for admission to n° 13 Research Doctorate Courses 34th Cycle - D.R. n°1228/2018, prot. 48153 of June 25, 2018

Mercoledì, Luglio 25, 2018
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