“Sea in SHELL Night” Sea in Science, Health, Environment, Literature, Law & economy

European Researchers' Night 2021 Italian version 

The European Researcher’s Night is an initiative promoted by the European Commission since 2005, involving every year  thousands of researchers and research institutions in all European countries.

The goal is to create opportunities for researchers and citizens to meet, with the aim to spread scientific culture and knowledge of the research professions in an informal and stimulating context.

Events include live science experiments and demonstrations, exhibitions and guided tours, educational lectures and seminars, shows and concerts.

Unime joins the event with the "Sea in SHELL" project, which aims to show the general public all the research activities related to the sea carried out at the University of Messina.

In such a territory the Sea has a relevant importance in various fields of everyday life, because the Strait of Messina, where the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas meet, is a unique place for its peculiarities. Therefore much of the work of the UniME researchers is related to the Sea: this subject is studied almost in all scientific areas, as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, geology, climatology, medicine, health, environmental science, literature, history, archaeology, law, economy, political geography, etc.

Then, the aim of the project is to clearly illustrate the role of the Sea as an important environmental framework, as an energy source, as a commercial and economic hub, as the object of many literary works and as the way through which migrants and refugees could reach other countries.

SHELL is the acronym of Sea, Health, Environment, Literature, Law & economy.

In our idea, the SHELL is a Pecten Jacobaeus (Mediterranean scallop), and its fan shape represents the multi-disciplinarity of our proposal: the common topic of the Sea is studied and told according to each of the five scientific areas described in the acronym. For each scientific area, various disciplines are involved, addressing several research topics related to the sea. Then our proposal refers to a multidisciplinary approach to the sea, in which some topics are treated in an interdisciplinary way.

An international synergy  has been established with the MEDNIGHT project https://mednight.eu/

A detailed description of some of the activities of the Sea in SHELL Project is available here (https://mednight.eu/partner-messina/ )

The event will take place on September 24, from 4 to 11 pm, at the Science Campus in Papardo and at the Horcynus Orca Park in Torre Faro.

View Campus Sciences program

View Horcynus Orca Park program
Video message from the President of the European Court of Human Rights


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