Info MedMe 2019

On this page, some information about the conference can be found.
Last update: Monday September 16th

The conference will be held in two places. The first afternoon (25 September) and the last morning (27 September) the conference will take place at COSPECS. Here is the link that opens the position on Google Maps directly: But if you prefer the old way, here is the address: Dipartimento di Scienze cognitive, Psicologiche, Pedagogiche e degli Studi Culturali, Via Concezione, 6-8, 98122, Messina
The remaining day (26 September), instead, we will use the headquarter of the "Istituto per la ricerca e l'innovazione biomedica del CNR (IRIB-CNR)" on the seaside. Here the link and the address: Via Torre Bianca, 98164, Mortelle (we will reach this place together by using a private shuttle from the city centre).

Places of interest and meeting points
Messina is a narrow and long city but has an entirely circumscribed city-centre. We tried to concentrate every logistic aspect (like overnight stay and social activities) in a restricted and highly served area. So consider "Fontana di Orione" in Piazza Duomo as both the meeting point for taking the shuttle and as a reference point to book your hotel or B&B. Here is the link for Maps:

Public transportation
Public transportation can be sometimes tricky in Messina, but a couple of things can be useful to know. For example, if you are not able to find a stay in the city centre and are far from both the meeting point and the venue, it might be precious to know that you can use the tram to move fast along the north-south route of the centre; alternatively, you can get the bus n° 100 to reach the Istituto di Scienze applicate from almost every point along the north-south route. So, if you stay in the yellow half-rectangle pictured below (TRAM linea 28), you can use the tram to reach the Faculty; otherwise follow the red line, bringing you to the Istituto di Scienze applicate (last stop in the north direction). For more info visit


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Prof.ssa Alessandra Falzone
Coordinatrice del Dottorato in Scienze Cognitive