Postdoctoral position in reef fish ecology and underwater visual census sampling method

French National Museum of Natural History offers a postdoctoral position in reef fish ecology and underwater visual census sampling method. 

Please notice that application deadline is February 28th !

French National Museum of Natural History (UMS Patrimoine Naturel) in collaboration with UMR LEMAR (Laboratory of Environmental Marine Sciences) offer a 12 months full time postdoctoral position on NE Atlantic kelp forest fish ecology and underwater visual census (UVC) sampling protocols. The main objective are - by analyzing a new dataset built during the last 2 years in Western Channel - to:
(1) Validate a new UVC protocol specifically designed to sample fish assemblage structure in Laminaria Kelp forest, a predominant although understudied habitat in NE Atlantic subtidal rocky reefs
(2) fill basic knowledge gaps about NE Atlantic Kelp forest fish ecology, by describing spatio-temporal patterns in fish assemblage structure and identifying the underlying environmental drivers. As complements, some focus at population level could be done, for instance on the commercial Pollachius pollachius that putatively uses kelp forest as nursey grounds.
(3) identify/develop metrics that could be used as bio-indicators of fish ecological status at assemblage and population levels
(4) bring ecological and methodological highlights useful to design a long term monitoring program.

Working place is in the Biological Marine Station of Dinard (French Brittany).
Starting date is May 1st.
Application deadline is February 28.
The 12 months are fully funded and we would like to extend the project by applying for extra funding once the postdoc arrived.

 The postdoctoral research fellow will join a dynamic research team on coastal fish ecology and monitoring methods. We are currently working on : wide-band echosounding to assess costal pelagic fish assemblage, metabarcoding e DNA to assess the whole coastal bony-fish assemblage, and closed circuit rebreather as an alternative to scuba for underwater visual census. The postdoc will be welcome to participate to a “meta-study” aiming at assessing the putative complementarities among those various sampling approaches when trying to monitor fish assemblages in coastal systems (this could be the topic of a futur funding application).

Essentials skills are: Ecological statistical computing using R, reef fish ecology, English oral and writing. Other skills would be: Scientific scuba diving, French oral basics.

To apply, please send your curriculum vitae, including a cover letter, to and
Please write as email subject line: “application to postdoctoral position in reef fish ecology”

The full description of the job is here in French:

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Coordinatore: Prof.ssa Nunziacarla Spanò - - 090.676.5549
Vice CoordinatoreProf.ssa Emanuela Esposito - - 090 676 5212