Giancarlo Neri, Full Professor of Geophysics
Barbara Orecchio, Associate Professor of Geophysics
Debora Presti, Associate Professor of Geophysics
Cristina Totaro, Research fellow
Silvia Scolaro, PhD student

  • Seismic tomography of lithosphere and upper mantle.
  • Implementation of new methods for earthquake location, moment tensor inversion and seismic tomography.
  • Earthquake focal mechanism computation by seismic waveform inversion.
  • Seismogenic stress and seismic strain tensor estimates.
  • Joint analysis of seismological, geophysical and geological data for modeling of seismotectonic and geodynamic processes.
  • Seismogenic source detection and geometric, kinematic and dynamic characterization.
  • Seismic hazard and risk estimates.
  • Strong earthquakes and tsunamis in the Central Mediterranean region.

The Research Team “Geophysical sciences” works in close cooperation with many national and international partners. Some collaborations are reported below.

  • The Team (through Unime) is Promoter and Component of the “Interuniversity Center for Research on 3D-Seismotectonics” (CRUST, involving nine Italian Universities: Catania, Messina, Salerno, Roma Tre, Perugia, Chieti, Bologna, Ferrara and Pavia. CRUST is an Italian Interuniversity Center founded in 2016 and aimed to promote research and teaching in the field of Seismotectonics. Responsible of CRUST for Messina University is Prof. Barbara Orecchio also member of the Academic Board of CRUST.
  • Scientific cooperation with the St. Louis University focused on the implementation and application of waveform inversion algorithms for seismic moment tensor estimates.
  • Scientific cooperation with the Columbia University NY (team of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) focused on development of high-resolution locations of seismic sequences and joint evaluation of seismic, geophysical and geological data for seismotectonic interpretation.
  • Scientific cooperation with Universities of Granada and Barcelona for analyses of seismograms relative to strong earthquakes occurred in the pre-digital epoch.
  • Scientific cooperation with the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics of Novosibirsk for seismic tomography studies.
  • Scientific cooperation with Malta University on earthquake mechanisms and geophysical research applied to seismic risk mitigation.
  • Cooperation with the Universities of Catania, Parma, Roma Tre and the Institute CNR-ISMAR of Bologna in the frame of Italian National Project PRIN 2010-2011 "Active and recent geodynamics of Calabrian Arc and accretionary complex in the Ionian Sea".
  • Cooperation with the Universities of Calabria and Chieti in the Project INGV-DPC funded by the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and the Italian Civil Protection Department, 2014-2015, "Base-knowledge improvement for assessing the seismogenic potential of Italy".
  • Cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the framework of the EC Project INTERREG III B ARCHIMED, 2006-2007, “Development of an Information System for Natural Risk Management in the Mediterranean”, SYNARMA.
  • Cooperation with the University of Catania, the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and several private partners in the framework of the Project PO-FESR Sicilia 2007-2013 "Attività di sviluppo sperimentale finalizzata alla riduzione del rischio sismico nella Sicilia Orientale".


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