Nanoparticles engineering by Pulsed Laser Ablation: concepts and applications

16 luglio 2018, ore 09.00 - 13.00
Aula HT10 & 11-T Conference Room,  MIFT presso "Incubatore d’Imprese"
Bilal Gökce (Duisburg-Essen Universität)
"High throughput synthesis of laser-generated nanoparticles: principles and practices"

Alessandro De Giacomo (University of Bari)
"PLAL fundamental aspects and consequent nanoparticles properties"

Moreno Meneghetti (University of Padova)
"Nanoparticles from pulsed laser ablation in solution and their exploitation  for cancer cell antigen targeting and for photovoltaic"

Giuseppe Compagnini (University of Catania)
"Laser materials processing in the liquid phase: energy and environmental application"

Matteo Maria Tommasini (Polytechnic of Milano)
"Noble metal nanoparticles for SERS application in biomedical field"

Prof.  Enza Fazio (
Dr. Marco Santoro (
Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences,
Physics Sciences and Earth Sciences, (MIFT)

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