Competitions for admission to national limited access programmes
Degree in Medicine and Surgery
Those who are entitled to aids, aids and compensatory / dispensatory measures pursuant to current legislation on disability and SLD in the university environment, can only use them by submitting a formal and explicit request.
The request must be compulsorily and exclusively formalized online on the ESSE3 platform, from your private area (after registering), by completing the appropriate procedure by and no later than the deadline set out in the call for applications:
  1. Disability / SLD declaration
Candidates with a certificate of disability or with a diagnosis of specific learning disorders (SLD) can be admitted to the test with the medical certification they possess, even if not updated due to the limitation of the NHS activity for the Covid-19 emergency, subject to the universities, to subsequently request the integration of the documentation provided therein.

Compilation instructions are available by clicking here 

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Delegato Rettorale
Prof.ssa Fiammetta Conforto

Unità Operativa "Servizi disabilità/dsa"
E-mail isitituzionale:
Tel. 090 676 8333

Davide Savasta (Responsabile dell'Unità)

Marisa Currao (Vice-responsabile)

Sede: Palazzo Mariani - Via Consolato del Mare, 41 - 98122 Messina (ME)