A dedicated subscription is available for Unime students, which allows to use local public transport (A.T.M.) everyday, from 7AM to 10PM (except the month of August).
In order to make the public transport subscription, please make a €30 bank transfer to the IBAN code n. IT18B0100516500000000218050, directed to ATM Messina, payment description “abbonamento ATM studenti UNIME”. Once the payment is made, bring copy of the receipt, tax code and the UnimeCard/Genius Card at the Unime Infopoint, located in the Mariani’s building (Antonello square), where the university staff will certify the payment by putting a special sticker on the UnimeCard/Genius Card.

Moreover, the university offers free shuttle bus services to reach the Annunziata and the Papardo Campuses.
Transportation timetables are available at the following webpage:

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