Recognition of Foreign Academic Qualifications

Academic qualifications issued by foreign universities have no legal value in Italy. If the study programme has  been completed abroad, graduate students can apply to have them recognized as Italian qualifications.The competence for academic recognition by equivalence is attributed to individual universities.
The University of Messina carries out the evaluation of foreign Higher Education qualifications  within the framework of its autonomy, deciding, on a case by case basis, whether the qualifications under examination are equivalent to the Italian degrees selected by individual applicants, if they differ from them, and by which extent, or if they are not comparable in any way.
Italian and foreign citizens with educational qualifications from a foreign State or legally accredited university wishing to have these qualifications recognised in Italy for the purposes of completing an Italian university degree can apply to do so at the University of Messina.
How to apply
Italian and foreign citizens with educational qualifications from a foreign State have to hand in to U. OP. Cooperazione Internazionale e studenti stranieri (located in: Via Consolato del Mare n. 41 – Palazzo Mariani) of the University of Messina the following documents:

  1. to the Rector of the Univeristy of Messina;
  2. Original of upper secondary school diploma required for admission to the university that issued the academic qualification;
  3. Original degree;
  4. Original of the certificate of university exams issued by the aforementioned university attesting: dates, marks, working hours or credits and locations of the exams if any of these were given in a university setting other than that of the issuer of the degree;
  5. Curriculum and syllabus of each learning activity taken officially stamped by the home university;
  6. “Dichiarazione di valore” issued by the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Authorities;
  7. Two photographs (one of which is to be authenticated in the case of non-EU citizens residing abroad);
  8. Copy of passport, italian Codice fiscale (tax code) and stay permit (for non-EU citizens);
Inizio modulo

Receipt of the MAV payment € 150.00 (The bulletin will be issued by U. Op. International cooperation and foreign students).

Fine modulo

The documents referred to in points 2), 3), 4) and 5) must be accompanied by an official translation in Italian made by:

  • an authorised translator or a person in any case competent to swear before the Tribunal to the faithfulness of the translation to the original;
  • the diplomatic or consular authority in Italy of the country where the document is issued;
  • the Italian diplomatic/consular authority in the country where the document is issued.

The documents mentioned in point 5) can replaced by the Diploma Supplement issued by the home University.
The documents mentioned in points 2) and 3) must be legalised —except where exempt as per international accords or conventions in force— and accompanied by a “Declaration of Value” from the locally authorised Italian Diplomatic-Consular Mission located in the State under whose legislation the qualification has been issued.
Italian and foreign citizens with educational qualifications from a foreign State or legally accredited university wishing to have these qualifications recognised by the University of Messina have to pay a 150,00 euros fee.
Where it is impossible to go personally to the diplomatic mission, applicants can make contact with the mission and arrange for the submission of the required documentation by alternative means.
Foreign academic qualifications of a study programme with restricted/limited access as established by MIUR if gained outside EU maybe recognized upon passing of an entry test (i.e. Medicine, Veterinary medicine, etc.) .
Italian citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens residing in Italy (as per article 26 of Law no. 189 of 30.07.2002) can personally apply to the International Cooperation and Foreign Students Office of the University of Messina by (generally) 1 August – 30 November of each year as long as the qualifications have already been confirmed as authentic by the Italian mission.
Non-EU citizens residing abroad have to send their applications along with the required documentation through the Italian Diplomatic-Consular mission of their country or of the foreign country where they are residents within the timeframe annually established by the MIUR provisions on the matriculation of foreign students. This timeframe is disregarded in the case of the automatic application of equivalency tables for Italian and foreign qualifications established by bilateral agreements.
The academic authorities of the University of Messina decide on applications on a case-by-case basis in light of the studies and exams completed abroad. With the exception of the application of special bilateral agreements: in this case universities grant equivalence with an Italian degree on the basis of an equivalency table annexed to the agreement and any pre-established conditions in the same (e.g. integration of specific exams or theses).  It should be understood that recognition of a foreign degree by the university concerns study purposes only, while recognition of qualifications for the purposes of practising a profession is a different procedure and is carried out by the authorised ministries.
As regards applications for recognition of academic qualifications in the healthcare sector, reference is made to article 50, paragraph 8, of DPR no. 394 of 31.08.1999 (regulation implementing the Consolidated Text on immigration and the condition of foreigners as per DL no. 286 of 25.07.1998): “Recognition of equivalence of academic qualifications in healthcare studies completed abroad, as well as admission to corresponding entrance examinations for diplomas, university degrees and certifications, with the partial or total dispensation of course examinations, depends on ascertainment of fulfilment of the quotas envisaged for each profession by article 3, paragraph 4 of the Consolidated Text, and to that end requires the official opinion of the Ministry of Health; a negative opinion disallows enrolment in professional associations or special lists for the exercise of the related professions on national soil and in countries of the European Union”.
 For further information, please contact:
Dr. G. Lucchese

International Cooperation and Foreign Students Unit -Via Consolato del Mare, 41- II piano Messina -090/6768534 -

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