The Rector
The Rector, the official representative of Unime, calls and chairs meetings of the Academic Senate and the Board of Governors. The Rector supervises the university's teaching, scientific and service structures, giving appropriate guidance.
The Rector also acts as ombudsperson for the teaching and research autonomy of the academic body.

Deputy Rector
The Deputy Rector provides support to the Rector in leading the University and replaces him/her in case of his/her absence.

The Academic Senate
The Academic Senate is responsible for programming and coordinating teaching and research at the University. The Senate consists of: the University Rector, the Head of each Academic Department, nine representative of the academic body, one representative of the temporary researchers, three representatives of the technical-administrative staff, five student representatives, one Ph.D. student representative, one representative of post-graduate MDs enrolled in Unime Medical Specialty schools. In addition, the Deputy Rector (consultative vote), the Coordinator of the Board of Vice-Rectors (consultative vote) and the General Director (without voting rights), participate to the Senate.

The Board of Governors
The Board of Governors exercises comprehensive authority over the University's financial management and use of assets. The Board consists of the Rector, three representatives of the academic body, one representative of the technical-administrative staff, two student representatives, two external representatives appointed by the Academic Senate. In addition, the Deputy Rector (consultative vote), the Coordinator of the Board of Vice-Rectors (consultative vote) and the General Director (without voting rights), participate to the Board.
Board members are elected in conformity with rules and procedures laid down under the University Statute. The Board achieves the objectives established by the Academic Senate and controls how administrative funds are distributed, approves the annual budget, authorizes public contracts and international agreements.

Prof. Pietro Navarra
Deputy Rector
Prof. Emanuele Scribano
General Director
Prof. Francesco De Domenico
General Direction

Board of Vice-Rectors:
Prof. Giovanni Cupaiuolo
Coordinator of the Board of Vice-Rectors

Prof. Giovanni Tuccari
Vice-Rector for Relations with the University Hospital (A.O.U.)

Prof. Antonio Saitta
Vice-Rector for Legality, transparency and administrative procedures

Prof. Salvatore Cuzzocrea
Vice-Rector for Research

Prof. Antonino Germanà
Vice-Rector for Internationalization

Prof. Michele Limosani
Vice-Rector for the Management of Financial Resources

Prof. Carlo Mazzù
Vice-Rector for the Management of Human Resources

Prof. Pietro Perconti
Vice-Rector for Teaching Methods

Rector’s Delegates:
Prof. Alessio Plebe
Evaluation of Teaching and E-learning

Prof. Alice Baradello
Services for Disabled Students

Prof. Gioacchino Francesco La Torre
Research (Humanities field)

Prof. Luigi Mondello
Research (Scientific and Technological field)

Prof. Vincenzo Chiofalo
Research (Life Sciences field)

prof. Carmela La Macchia
Relations with Trade Unions

prof. Daniela Rupo
Transfer to Unified University Budget

prof. Adele Marino
Mobility Management

prof. Dario Latella
Horizon 2020

prof. Giacomo Pace Gravina
Management of the University's Artistic and Cultural Heritage

prof. Giuseppe Giordano
Education (Humanities field)

prof. Letterio Bonina
Education (Life Sciences field)

prof. Domenico Majolino
Education (Scientific and Technological field)

prof. Daniele Bruschetta
Sporting Activities

Prof. Marco Centorrino

Prof. Maurizio Ballistreri
Relations with Trade Unions to the Hospital University

Prof. Alessandra Maria Falzone
Job Placement

Prof. Santi Fedele
Master and Higher Education

Prof. Agatina Stefania Scarcella

Prof. Rosaria Maria Domianello
University Library System

Prof. Maurizio Lanfranchi
Alma Laurea

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