The University of Messina offers to international and mobility students on line services for didactics, student houses and canteens, sport and spare time facilities. 

Online Services

Each student enrolled at the University of Messina can access a range of online services thanks to a system of unified authentication (SSO). These services include access to the WIFI network of the University, the Google Apps suite including a corporate email account (webmail students), access to e-learning platform of the University and online secretarial services (ESSE3).

To obtain an account SSO students must register at:

The SSO credentials are supplied at the confirmation of  enrollment  by the Secretariat and consist of a user name  and a password. The account is operational in 24 hours after registration.

Unime ESSE3:

The on-line secretarial service (ESSE 3) of the University of Messina offers students several services for the online management of their academic career. The student who registers at can:

1.      enroll at any of the courses offered by the University
2.      enroll at the admission tests for limited access Degree courses
3.      participate at the evaluation tests for the degree courses that provide them
4.      enroll at the admission tests for the Schools of Specialization
5.      enroll at the admission tests for the TFA (secondary school teacher training) courses

Google Apps

Google Apps is a Google application suite that allows all students of the University of Messina to use several Google products among which Email, Google Documenti, Google Calendar and Google Chat, in one single domain ( In order to have access to the service you must connect to and give your SSO credentials. For detailed instructions for students’ webmail procedures, consult:


The e-learning portal of the University of Messina: is a functional instrument of support to university studies. Inside the portal, for each Department and each degree course there is a presentation of the Academic offer (all subjects have an online space where course materials can be downloaded), other services such as news, forums, self-evaluation tests and online exercises are also offered. Students can have access to the e-learning portal with the same SSO credentials

WIFI for students:

The University wireless network, can be used by any computer that has a wireless card installed and by all new generation smart phones. The wireless network, in specific access points, is present in all University departments and offices.

Students can connect themselves to the WIFI service with their SSO credentials that they already use for access to the ESSE3 services. For the configuration of different devices and operating systems students can have information at: UniMe Wi-Fi network can be activated also by mobility students (who are not enrolled) by asking to their academic tutor for a host account   through the steps in " management guest  account " GAIA:




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