The University of Messina

welcomes international Students, Researchers, Academics and Staff Continua >>

Erasmus Mundus

is a European cooperation and mobility programme in the field of Higher Education that promotes the dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with Third-Countries. The University of Messina... Continua >>

The UniMe partners

with several Universities, Research centers and other Higher Education Institutions of all over the world thanks to Cooperation Agreements and Erasmus Bilateral Agreements in order to foster international mobility of... Continua >>

The LLP Erasmus programme for Study

offers university students the opportunity to study in another European Country. Studying at the University of Messina not only will enrich your study experience but will also broaden your cultural background and improve your... Continua >>


Welcome to the University of Messina

Academic mobility is vital to enhance competitiveness and contributes to building up a knowledge-based society where awareness of cultural diversity and traditions is an incentive, rather than an obstacle, to innovation and international cooperation.

The University of Messina entangles partnerships with foreign Universities from all over the world, promotes international research projects and participates in European and international exchange programmes. Outstanding results have been achieved both in terms of mobility, through LLP - Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus Programme and bilateral University agreements, as well as in terms of European and International academic partnerships and cooperation.

Università degli Studi di Messina - Piazza Pugliatti, 1 - 98122 Messina - tel.+39 090 6761 -numero verde 800 230842
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